Condylomata acuminata

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They can be defined as anal warts, cockscomb; They are due to epithelial hyperplasia caused by viruses (papova viruses).
Initially they appear as small pink spots, type pinhead, isolated or confluent, obvious to the touch, asymptomatic. Then they also turn quite quickly becoming growths pink whitish fungiform and / or cluster (also known as cockscomb).


They develop in the anus, rectum (never over the lower third), vagina, penis. The main cause of HIV transmission occurs through sexual contact whether direct or indirect, in a small percentage of cases may occur without any sexual intercourse. Homosexuals are the most affected category and almost 80% of patients with full-blown AIDS.


Having regard to the speed of propagation and the impossible spontaneous healing, it is recommended the removal even in the presence of minimal lesions. The application of local materials (podophyllin) is often of poor outcome. The intervention prince is definitely the removal by laser or electrosurgical which will be performed under local anesthesia.


Relapse is always possible both for self-injection, but especially for reinfection.


Have been rare cases of malignant transformation in the literature of genital squamous cell carcinoma of the anus, but only after a prolonged stay on site.


It is always appropriate to assess in addition to pc. hit the partner for a possible combination therapy necessary to avoid an unpleasant return.
Important in the post operative period will be to a periodic and accurate control not only of the fancy but the whole anogenital area, having unprotected sex.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”1/3″][ultimate_modal icon_type=”none” modal_title=”Intervention pictures” modal_contain=”ult-html” modal_on=”button” onload_delay=”2″ btn_size=”lg” btn_bg_color=”#325b7b” btn_txt_color=”#ffffff” modal_on_align=”center” btn_text=”Intervention pictures” txt_color=”#f60f60″ modal_size=”small” modal_style=”overlay-cornerbottomleft” overlay_bg_color=”#333333″ header_text_color=”#333333″ modal_border_width=”2″ modal_border_color=”#333333″ modal_border_radius=”0″]

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