Anal and perianal itching

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Is a set of sensations that imply the need for more or less imperious of scratching.
It defines essential when has no cause and psychosomatic component is dominant. Mostly it is the expression of other diseases such as ano rectal, infectious, dermatological, gynecological, iatrogenic and systemic.


The etiological diagnosis is of utmost importance. Necessary for achieving this involves putting in place a careful and meticulous clinical history, physical examination, anorectal and gynecology, blood tests and stool, parasitology, bacteriology and mycology. They can be useful dell’anoderma biopsies, scoch tests, anal swab.


Anal dermatitis may manifest as eczema on different evolutionary forms: erythematous, edematous, secreting, infected, festering, dry, lichenificato or pseudoragadiformi injury, until the formation of massive skin folds typical perianal candidiasis.


Therapy should be both etiological and symptomatic. The first has the purpose of eliminating or the triggering causes. Symptomatic therapy involves dietary and hygienic measures rigorous drug treatment of dermatitis.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]